Monarch Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Tools for Physiotherapists/Allied Health Professionals ~ 2 October 2020 [Zoom format]

This introductory, full day session is designed for physiotherapists and allied health professionals across Canada. It is sponsored by Pelvic Health Solutions. The Monarch System workshop provides a meaningful overview of MI using the Monarch System’s unique approach. Our method integrates MI with other impactful behaviour change practices such as coaching methods and key elements of behaviour change theories/applications. Most importantly, we will explore and help participants to acquire applied techniques to use with your patients/clients in day-to-day practices. You will learn how to build motivation and transition that enhanced motivation into a strengthened and real commitment to client/patient changed behaviours. We will teach you different ways to use such elements as presence, competence views, compelling questions, reflective listening, change talk, and tagging values onto desired behaviour changes, moving with apparent-resistance in service of your clients’ needs for long-term goal setting and commitment to change. In order to respect our COVID times and minimize personal contact as well as to accommodate professionals who live in different time zones across Canada, the workshop will be delivered virtually using Zoom format on Friday 2 October from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time. As much as possible, the Zoom format offers an ideal and flexible format for doing practical exercises in small groups with full group discussions interspersed. Our intent and commitment is to create new learnings in a fun and productive workshop environment. For more information about the workshop, its learning objectives, and brief bios of the facilitators, please click here to go to the course website, download the Registration Form at that site, or, download the Registration Form here and email it to or fax it to 888-653-4533. Once you have registered, you will be sent the Zoom meeting link for the event along with instructions on where/how to access the handouts you will need for the day. The workshop is open to all health care professionals. For more information about the Monarch System and/or our workshops, please visit our website,