Monarch Level 2 Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Workshop for the WECHC ~ 5 November 2019, Windsor, Ontario

This advanced workshop builds on basic Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills and processes and is a progressive follow-up to Monarch’s Level 1, introductory workshop on motivational interviewing. Health professionals who are considering this workshop should have a basic exposure to motivational interviewing. The Monarch System’s Level 2 offering is designed specifically to help health practitioners work with patients/clients who seem to experience difficulty making health behaviour changes. Many clients are caught in a perspective that they cannot change their behaviours, and/or they are overwhelmed or stuck in routines and patterns that no longer serve them. This workshop focuses on helping clients move past these change-limiting experiences, in service of fostering meaningful, desired health-related behaviour changes. The workshop briefly will review basic MI concepts before learning new and practicing advanced MI processes such as using complex reflections; how to move toward, recognize, and work with change talk; exploring and shifting perspectives in MI; integrating resilience in client interviews; enhancing evocative questions; and establishing committed plans of action with clients. The event will take place at Caesars Windsor hotel and events’ facility 377 Riverside Drive East (Hotel, Casino and Valet Entrance: McDougall Ave. and Pitt St.), Windsor, ON, CA N9A 7H7, Tel: (800) 991-7777. The workshop is sponsored and subsidized by the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre; to register, please view the workshop flyer here and/or contact Erin Hodgson, Administrative Assistant, Windsor Essex Community Health Centre, Phone: (519) 997-2823 ext. 331, Fax: (519) 948-7700, For more information about the Monarch System and/or our workshops, please visit our website