Monarch Level 2, Advanced Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Workshop for Health Professionals ~ 5 October 2019,London, Ontario

This advanced workshop builds on basic Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills and processes and is a progressive follow-up to Monarch’s Level 1, introductory workshop on motivational interviewing. Health professionals and students enrolled in health professional programs who are considering this workshop should have a basic exposure to motivational interviewing. The Monarch System’s Level 2 offering is designed specifically to help health practitioners work with patients/clients who seem to experience difficulty making health behaviour changes. Many clients are caught in a perspective that they cannot change their behaviours, and/or they are overwhelmed or stuck in routines and patterns that no longer serve them. This workshop focuses on helping clients move past these change-limiting experiences, in service of fostering meaningful, desired health-related behaviour changes. The workshop briefly will review basic MI concepts before learning and practicing advanced MI processes such as using complex reflections; how to move toward, recognize, and work with change talk; utilizing balance motivational interviewing; exploring and shifting perspectives; integrating resilience in client interviews; enhancing evocative questions; and establishing committed plans of action with clients. Click here to see a flyer for the workshop. The event will be held in the Royal Palm Room of the Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre, 591 Wellington Road South, London, Ontario. Please note that registration is limited in total number of participants (to enhance the learning process) and that there are two sets of workshop fees or rates, one for health professionals working full time and one for students enrolled full time in a post secondary institution. Registration for this event is now open – please click here to register. For more information about the workshop or The Monarch System, please visit our website here, or, contact us at, telephone 519-657-7074.