Monarch Level 1 Motivational Interviewing and Coaching Tools for Healthcare Professionals ~ 19 & 26 May 2022 [via Zoom]

This introductory, two, half-day courses provide a meaningful overview of MI using The Monarch System’s unique approach which integrates MI with other impactful and evidence-based behaviour change practices such as coaching methods and key elements of behaviour change theories/applications. Most importantly, we will explore and help you to acquire applied techniques to use with your clients in your day-to-day contacts. You will learn how to build motivation and transition that enhanced motivation into a strengthened and real commitment to behaviour changes. We will teach you different ways to use such elements as presence, competence views, compelling questions, reflective listening, readiness to change and change talk, tagging values onto desired behaviour changes, and moving with apparent-resistance in service of your clients’ needs for long- term goal setting and commitment to change. The workshop is being hosted via Pelvic Health Solutions. Course content, learning objectives, and registration information are available at this PHS link. The event is open to all healthcare professionals. The Zoom platform, while obviously not as personal as face-to-face workshop contact and interaction, the online format does have some excellent built-in features like breakout rooms so that participants can work in pairs and small groups with facilitator guidance and supervision when needed. Note the start and end times for the sessions are 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time), respectively; this allows for reasonable access to the workshop across Canadian time zones. For more information about the Monarch System and our workshops and services, please visit out website at