Monarch Level 2 Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Tools for Healthcare Professionals ~ Windsor Essex Community Health Centre ~ 2 & 9 Dec 2022 {via Zoom}

This advanced, Level 2 Monarch System Motivational Interviewing (MI) workshop builds on the skills and concepts learned in the Level 1 workshop along with any challenges and/or learnings you have experienced in implementing level 1 skills. Specifically, the Monarch System’s Level 2 offering is designed to help health practitioners work with patients or clients who present themselves as stuck or overwhelmed and, apparently, are unable to change. Many clients are trapped in a view that they cannot change their behaviours, and this workshop focuses on helping clients to shift from this experience in service of fostering meaningful, health-related behaviour changes. The focus is on perspective interviewing skills and techniques using a variety of hands-on, applied exercises and applications. Delivery Format: Live-online course via zoom. The Zoom format offers an ideal and flexible format for doing practical exercises in small groups with full group discussions interspersed. Our intent and commitment is to create new learnings in a fun and productive workshop environment. The workshop is being hosted by the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre. Course content, learning objectives, and registration information will be available at this link. Note that the participant number is capped at 100 persons and that spaces fill up quickly. The event is open to all healthcare professionals; however, there is a prerequisite – all participants MUST have completed The Monarch System Level 1 (basic or intro) Motivational Interviewing course or equivalent. In addition, in order to tailor the workshop to professionals’ experiences, skills, and needs re using MI, we ask that you practice 3 of the primary MI tools/skills during your engagements with clients/patients. We would like you to practice/try out each of these skills as you see fit and as often as possible and record your experiences via an online link. The full assignment description including the assignment submission online link are provided at this link. Finally, we would ask that you submit your responses online no later than 15 November 2022 in order for us to collate them and develop the final format, content, and exercises for the workshop. Note the start and end times for the sessions on each day are 9:00 – 12:00 (Eastern Standard Time). For more information about the WECHC or the registration process, call toll free 1-855-259-3605. For more information about the Monarch System and our workshops and services, please visit out website at