Applied MI & Coaching Tools for MUN School of Pharmacy Entry-to-Practice 4th year doctor of pharmacy students ~ 16 September 2020 [Zoom format]

This is a half-day Monarch MI & Coaching follow-up workshop to the introductory half-day session conducted with this Memorial University of Newfoundland’s 4th year entry-to-practice PharmD program student group in September 2019. Workshop participants will be provided a brief review of MI skills taught and practiced from a year ago based on integrating MI with other impactful behaviour change practices such as coaching methods and key elements of behaviour change theories/applications The session will continue to build on practical skills related to shifting from status talk to change talk, reflective listening proficiencies, advising with permission using the elicit-provide-elicit format, tagging values onto desired behaviour changes, moving with apparent-resistance in service of your clients’ needs for long-term goal setting and commitment to healthy change/s. Monarch’s work with MUN PharmD program is an ongoing partnership now in its 3rd consecutive year. The entry-to-practice doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) program is designed to prepare students who are beginning their pharmacy education for careers primarily in community and hospital settings, as well as pharmaceutical industries, pharmacy organizations, and educational environments.Given the uncertainty of COVID times, the ongoing need for social-physical distancing, and Memorial University’s decision to do virtual classes in the Fall of 2020, the workshop will be conducted virtually via the Zoom platform from 1:00-4:00 PM NL time zone.The workshop is restricted to 4th year students enrolled in the MUN Pharm D program. For more information about that program, please contact Dr Lisa D. Bishop, School of Pharmacy & Faculty of Medicine, Discipline of Family Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Health Sciences Centre, 300 Prince Philip Drive St. John’s, NL  A1B 3V6  T  709 864-8469 Email For more information about Monarch workshops, please visit our website at