Upcoming Events

  • Advanced Monarch MI Workshop for the Sudbury Child and Family Centre ~ 31 May 2018

    31st May 2018 8:30:am – 31st May 2018 3:00:pm

    This is a specially designed Monarch workshop requested by the Sudbury Child and Family Centre(CFC). The day will be devoted to working with selected members of the CFC staff who completed the Monarch System 2-day, level 1 Intensive workshop (11 & 12 Apriil 2018) on applying motivational interviewing and coaching skills for the CFC health professionals. The stated purpose of the CFC is, "To create paths for our young people to reach their full potential." With a well articulated set of guiding principles, the CFC's whole approach to working with families and youth makes their integration of motivational interviewing and coaching skills a perfectly blended alignment. As the CFC notes, " our guiding principles create an environment of trust that allows us, our partners and our clients to be their best selves" - isn't that the underlying intention and commitment of any motivational interviewing and/or coaching process. We will work with 10-12 staff members in a kind of 'train-the-trainer' format with the intent that this advanced training will allow these health professionals to instill motivational interviewing and coaching skills more widely among CFC personnel, especially to new staff members as they join the Centre.

  • Monarch Level 1 MI workshop for Doctor of Pharmacy working professionals at Memorial University, Newfoundland ~ 1 Sept 2018

    1st Sep 2018 9:00:am – 1st Sep 2018 4:00:pm

    This is a Monarch System Inc Level 1, full-day Motivational Interviewing workshop offered as part of a three-day clinical skills course at Memorial University, St John's Newfoundland. Participants will be some 35 working professionals enrolled in Memorial's School of Pharmacy's new Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. The workshop focuses on Motivational Interviewing processes, skills, and tools that might assist pharmacists in their patient/client communications in service of helping their patients make the behaviour changes that are important in their health-care edeavours. For more information, please contact Elaine Healey, M.Ed., PharmD Program Coordinator, School of Pharmacy, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Room 1751, Health Sciences Centre, St. John’s, NL  A1B 3V6; T  709 777 8675 .

  • Monarch Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Workshop for Brescia Dietetic Intern Students ~ 5 September 2018

    5th Sep 2018 9:00:am – 5th Sep 2018 4:00:pm

    This Monarch workshop on learning motivational interviewing (MI) and coaching skills is restricted to Brescia University College's dietetic intern students. Students will learn about and be guided in applied MI techniques and processes in this hands-on workshop. The intent is to provide these soon-to-be health professionals with basic behaviour change communiction skills. Dispensing advice in a prescriptive format is sometimes necessary and important. At the same time, providing unsolicited behaviour change advice, particularly with respect to healthy eating and nutrition patterns often falls short of affecting or realizing desired behaviour changes. On the other hand, asking permission to give advice, waiting for an answer, amd if yes, providing the advice, followed by checking out how the advice is received or perceived can be very impact-fui. Thus, Monarch staff will work with these students to foster a basic understanding of how to use MI in working with clients in this field. For more information, contact Lesley Macaskill, Dietetic Training Coordinator, Post-graduate Diploma Program in Dietetic Education & Practical Training, Brescia University College; phone 519-432-8353 ext 28065, email: lmacaski@uwo.ca  

  • Monarch Level 1 Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Workshop for the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre ~ 8 November 2018

    8th Nov 2018 9:00:am – 8th Nov 2018 4:00:pm

    This introductory full day session wiht health professionals in the Windsor Essex region of Ontario provides a meaningful overview of MI using the Monarch System’s unique approach. Our method integrates MI with other impactful behaviour change practices such as coaching methods and key elements of behaviour change theories/applications. Most importantly, we will explore and help participants to acquire applied techniques to use with your clients in day-to-day practices. Health practitioners will learn how to build motivation and transition that enhanced motivation into a strengthened and real commitment to healthier behaviours. We will teach you different ways to use such elements as presence, competence views, compelling questions, reflective listening, change talk, and tagging values onto desired behaviour changes, all in service of your clients’ health-related behaviours in lifelong care. The event will be held at Caesars Windsor and is hosted by the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre in Windsor, Ontario. For more inform, ation and/or to register, please contact Ms Christina Lepera, Chronic Disease Self Management Coordinator, Windsor Essex Community Health Centre. Phone: 519 997-2823 ext. 312; email: clepera@wechc.org

  • Monarch Level 3 Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Workshop for the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre ~ 9 November 2018

    9th Nov 2018 9:00:am – 9th Nov 2018 4:00:pm

    This is a Monarch Level 3 or Advanced, Progressive Motivational Interviewing (MI) workshop for health professionals in the Windsor-Essex area who have completed both levels 1 and 2 workshops hosted by Monarch (or equivalent). Level 3 builds on our previous workshop offerings and the learnings and practices participants have acquired in implementing MI professionally (and, to a certain extent, personally). Enrolment is capped at 40 participants in order for our staff to work integrally with participants in this very hands-on, participatory workshop. We want to expand your real-work health behaviour change issues in working with clients. Each workshop registrant is asked to submit (via email to us at info@monarchsystem.com) information, with examples, of your use of MI, specifically with regard to any issues, challenges, triumphs that have arisen for you in using MI with your clients/patients. We will be using this submitted information to structure the workshop to suit your needs. We need this information by Friday October 5th and we will contact you post-registration with the specific questions. The event is being held at Caesars Windsor. To register and/or to acquire more information about this Windsor Essex Community Health Centre-sponsored workshop, please contact Ms Christina Lepera, Chronic Disease Self Management Coordinator, Windsor Essex Community Health Centre. Phone: 519 997-2823 ext. 312; email: clepera@wechc.org