Monarch Motivational Interviewing Workshop for Occupational Therapy Students ~ 23 March 2019 ~ 9:00am to 4:00pm, Elborn College

Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Tools for Health Practitioners offered by The Monarch System Inc. is a full‐day interactive workshop in which OT students learn and practice communication tools for effective health‐related behaviour change related to their current and future professional endeavours.The Monarch System™ is an evidence-based health behaviour change approach that combines a unique blend of processes adapted from motivational interviewing (MI), coaching, and related behaviour change theories and techniques. The workshop begins with an introduction to motivational interviewing and coaching as an applied model for health promotion and health behaviour change. We introduce the specifics of the client‐centred, MI model, and inform participants about how the day will unfold. We demonstrate in order to teach the tools/skills, and students start working with the tools throughout the workshop. We have a variety of break‐out sessions during which you partner‐up and practice the tools with each other, and we provide feedback/assistance as you are practicing the tools. It is important to note that learning to use MI skills necessitates using real-life examples in the break-out sessions; that is, you learn the tools using real issues relevant to your lives – with complete choice of what you choose to share – and then we work on integrating those skills into your professional repertoire. The workshop is closed to Western University students in Occupational Therapy. Registration is via Eventbrite – click here to register; you will need the password available from the class member who organized the day. For more information about The Monarch system, workshop content etc, click here.